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"School Data Analyser is a fantastic resource and has enabled school leaders and classroom teachers to have real time access to a vast range of data and analysis tools in a quick and easily accessed format. It has played a central role in school improvement. The pastoral and mentoring sections have been particularly helpful and staff love how all the information on a particular student is all in one easily accessible place"

Tony Sammon, Headteacher, Mendip Partnership School, Glastonbury, UK



"School Data Analyser has revolutionised the way that we monitor the behaviour of our students. Before we used School Data Analyser there was paper everywhere, procedures were slow and time elapsed between incidents happening and consequences put in place. Now we have the information at our fingertips, tutors and heads of year can investigate rapidly and monitor their pupils easily. The extensive help and support ensures that staff are able to use all  features effectively even if they are new to the program. The support we get with School Data Analyser is fantastic with rapid response times and clear explanations. Suggestions for improvement are well received and discussed so that the software is always being improved."

Stephen Spurrell, E-Learning Manager,

St Bernadette Catholic Secondary School, Bristol, UK



"The Curriculum Enrichment Organiser database allows me to manage a complicated enrichment programme and keep accurate student data. Without this it would be extremely difficult to maintain such a vast number of variables. Having this program means that more time can be spent creating diverse learning experiences for young people which is paramount..."

Abbie Edbrooke, Enrichment Programme & Educational Visits Officer,

Worle Community School, Weston-super-Mare, UK



"Mendip Data Systems have been very helpful in helping me to customize an application taken mainly from the free UK PostCodes example application and which is packed full of very useful features. I am looking forward to the release of his UK Postal Address Finder application which I am sure it will be of great benefit to organisations who require that little more, adding street addresses will only enhance what is already a fabulous product."

Les Hunter, Gloucestershire, UK  



"Mendip Data Systems recently converted my business database application built many years ago using MS Access version 2.0 (from 1994) to the current version (2016), solving issues that I had wrestled with unsuccessfully for several hours. All database objects were successfully updated and the new version worked perfectly without any problems

This was a very professional and prompt service. Highly recommended"

Dave Cheetham, Auckland, New Zealand



"If, having used Access for years, you believe that you can somehow manage almost everything by yourself, do look closely at the applications on the Mendip Data Systems website ... there are many free examples for you to try out.

Then, when your databases need highly professional attention, you will know who to turn to ..."

Marco Baldari, Tuscany, Italy

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