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List External Tables

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   SELECT '" & FileName.accdb & "' AS DBName, MSysObjects.Name AS TableName

   FROM MSysObjects IN '' [MS Access;PWD=xyz;DATABASE=C:\temp\FileName.accdb]

   WHERE (((MSysObjects.Flags)=0) AND ((MSysObjects.Type)=1) AND ((Left([Name],1))<>'~'))

   ORDER BY MSysObjects.Name;


I decided to make this more versatile by allowing users the option of selecting any or all of the following types of table: hidden/system/linked


The table list and properties are saved for future use and displayed in another form:


The utility will work successfully:

a)  with external ACCDB / ACCDE / MDB / MDE files

b)  with password protected files where this information is entered on the main form

c)  on the current database

d)  in 32-bit or 64-bit Access (there are no API declarations)




1.  I have deliberately excluded what I call deep hidden tables from this version of the utility. These are tables that cannot be viewed in the navigation pane and that end users cannot easily view by other methods


2.  If you import this utility into your own application, you will need to add the VBA reference Microsoft Office XX.0 Object Library where XX is the Office version e.g. 14 for Access 2010.


This isn't included in the references list for all versions of Access so you may need to browse for the file MSO.DLL e.g. in the location shown in the screenshot on the right



Click to download: List External Tables v1.6  (zipped)

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