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The attached database is used to display thumbnail images for selected images in a folder.


Click the Populate Image List button then select a folder containing images.

This will add the names of all images in the folder to the listbox.

This will only take a couple of seconds even if you have thousands of images in the folder.


Select any image from the list to view a thumbnail


For info, GIF, PNG & BMP images display better in Access than the 'lossy' JPG image format


Click the View All Images button to open a report showing thumbnails of all images in the selected folder


The example database also includes two other forms showing alternative ways of displaying folder images including the use of an ActiveX web browser control.


The attached PDF Display large thumbnail images in form explains these different approaches





Click to download: Folder Image Viewer   (zipped)

Folder Image Viewer

Click any image to view a larger version ...


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Main form


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