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Version 2.1     Updated 19/10/2019              Approx 1.2 MB


A recent forum thread 'Windows 10 Retrieving Extended File Properties' raised issues about using the GetDetailsOf method to retrieve extended file properties (attributes).


GetDetailsOf is a member of the VBA library 'Microsoft Shell Controls and Automation' based on Shell32.dll.


All files include several extended properties which can be retrieved as needed using this method.


For example:

• Date created / date modified / date last accessed

• File size / file type / author / location


Certain types of file will also contain additional extended properties including:

• Height / width / horizontal resolution / vertical resolution / bit size (image files)

• Contributing artist / album / year / genre / tile / track # / length / bit rate (audio files)


In all, there are 311 extended properties though no files will ever use all of these


I decided to investigate this method further and have created a database which provides an easy way of obtaining and storing all the extended properties for an individual file or all files of a specified type in a selected folder.


The zip file contains the database FileAttributes.accdb, a PDF file with full details and screenshots as well as several other text files with examples of the extended properties (attributes) obtained for different types of file


The database includes the VBA reference library 'Microsoft Shell Controls and Automation'


NOTE: it also includes an example of a dynamic crosstab query where the column headers are automatically updated to match the underlying data


Click to download:  Extended File Properties v2.1   (zipped)

Extended File Properties

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Version History:

v2.0     18/03/2019    Initial release

v2.1     19/10/2019    Bug fixes mainly related to handling apostrophes