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JSON Analyse & Transform for Access (JATFA)


Increasingly, data is supplied from online sources as JSON files.
The file format is very versatile and efficient allowing rapid data transfer

However, the data then needs to be processed (parsed) before it can be used in Access.
Unfortunately, Access does not provide a method for importing JSON files easily.
The issue is compounded by the fact that each JSON file has a unique and often complex structure

JSON Analyse & Transform for Access (JATFA) was designed to overcome these issues. Importing and handling JSON files becomes a straightforward and, in many cases, a largely automated task

Features include:
a) Fully automated analysis of JSON files including handling of subarrays
b) Fully automated creation of tables and transform functions based on file analysis.
c) Import JSON data into normalised Access tables based on file analysis
d) Over 90 JSON files are supplied as examples.

The licence allow users to install the application on 2 computers
Full program code and 90 days email support are included