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Version 6.1      Updated 06/03/2019          Approx 1.6 MB (zipped)


An earlier version of this was originally posted at Access World Forums in August 2017.


It was designed to show many different ways of getting users' attention.

Experienced users will be familiar with many of these ideas already.


Features include:

1. Formatted message boxes

2. Customised message boxes with HTML formatting & countdown timer

3. Flashing, scrolling and balloon tooltip text

4. Dim / blur / remove background

5. Adding warning sounds (use speakers if possible)

6. A simple 'You have 3 new messages' type feature


Hopefully the code for each approach will be easy to follow and to incorporate into your own applications.


Please don't OVERDO any of the more 'overt' methods or you risk annoying the users of your apps!



a) Some items are meant to be less serious than others!

b) The zip file includes images & sounds used by this example database.



Click to download:  Attention Seeking Database (zipped)

An Attention Seeking Database  

Click any image to view a larger version ...


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