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Compare Access file security - MDB/MDE vs ACCDB/ACCDE      

System tables are used by Access to make databases function correctly. With a few exceptions, there is very little information available online about most of the system tables.


The purpose of this article is to summarise known information about Access system tables.

It is also an invitation to other developers to add to this pool of knowledge


Some system tables can be viewed & a few can be edited

However you should only do so ....IF YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE WHAT YOU ARE DOING

Incorrectly editing system tables may corrupt your database or prevent you opening it


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Updated 12/10/2018

Speed Comparison Tests          

This article describes various tests done to compare different approaches to coding:

1. Handling nulls: Trim / Len / Nz

2. CurrentDB vs DBEngine(0)(0)

3. DoEvents vs DBIdle.RefreshCache


Example databases are provided so the tests can be done on your own workstations


More Details ...

Updated 28/08/2018

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Purpose of System Tables    

Updated 16/10/2018