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About us

Mendip Data Systems are based in the Mendip Hills in Somerset, UK.

For many years, we specialised in creating management software for schools though we have now widened our remit to include applications for business/personal use.


The advantage of being a small development operation is that schools don't have to pay for large company overheads when they purchase our products - and users can talk directly to the key people in the company when they contact us.

However, sometimes we may not be available, and you may need to leave us a message - or better still, email us - - because we respond to emails quickly and at any time.


We currently have 7 applications available for purchase:


Apps for Business / Personal Use

The focus here is on creating applications based on imported online data obtained in JSON format.


JSON Analyse & Transform for Access

Increasingly, data is supplied from online sources as JSON files. The file format is very versatile and efficient allowing rapid data transfer

However, Access does not provide a method for importing JSON files easily.

The issue is compounded by the fact that each JSON file has a unique and often complex structure.

This application was designed to overcome those issues.


Importing and handling JSON files becomes a straightforward and, in many cases, a largely automated task. Features include:

- Fully automated analysis of JSON files including handling of subarrays

- Fully automated creation of tables and transform functions based on file analysis.

- Import JSON data into normalised Access tables based on file analysis

- Over 90 JSON files are supplied as examples.

The app is ideal for use by developers and full program code is provided


UK Postal Address Finder

There are approximately 1.7 million active postcodes & 28 million postal addresses in the UK. Typically, each postcode has between 20-40 addresses

This application is used to obtain a full list of postal addresses for selected UK postcodes using data obtained from the following sources:

a) Postcode data supplied by the Office for National Statistics (ONS)

b) Postal address data is obtained as JSON files from an online provider (Ideal-Postcodes)

c) Online maps (Google)


After selecting a postcode, the full list of postal addresses plus a static Google map for that postcode are imported and processed in less than a second.

In addition the unique delivery point reference number (UDPRN) is obtained for each address and the precise location is marked on the map


Additional features include:

a) address searches using the UDPRN

b) obtaining full addresseses from partial addresses

c) creation of a daily itinerary (e.g. for deliveries) tagether with route maps and directions



Apps for Schools

All our school applications were originally developed to meet specific school requirements in North Somerset but are suitable for use throughout the UK and abroad.

The majority of these applications are open source databases using Microsoft Access and SQL Server.

We regularly update our programs to meet the changing needs of schools.

It is also our policy to supply full program code so that schools can customise the program features to suit individual needs.


School Data Analyser is designed to manage and analyse a wide variety of student, staff and school data including:

- reports (Interim and End of Year) / pastoral incidents / pastoral & attendance analysis / mentoring  / SEN & G+T students / detentions / student & staff information

- parents evening appointments / grades analysis / exam results analysis / timetable print options & analysis / teacher planners / student references

- student medical & contact info / mail merge letters / address & name labels / email (parents / carers, staff & students)  

- attendance registers / room & equipment bookings


SDA Link is used to manage the updating of staff and student data from 

This is normally done automatically as a scheduled task e.g. overnight


Curriculum Enrichment Organiser was created to manage all aspects of a school curriculum enrichment programme including:

- organisation of activities and risk assessments / production of activity booklets / allocation of students and staff to activities / timetabling of rooms to activities

- medical and contact information / bookings and transport for external trips / organisation of staff cover in case of absence

- student payments and activity costs / monthly calendar & task list  


School Payments System is designed to manage and analyse all aspects of parent/carer payments for activities such as field trips & curriculum resources.


Exam Timer is used to display remaining time in public examinations. The large format display can be used for up to 4 examinations and is intended for use with a data projector



Free Apps

A large number of FREE example databases & code samples can also be downloaded from the website.

These include many items originally uploaded to sites such as Access World Forums and Utter Access with the user name: isladogs


Currently the free apps include:

Currency Exchange Rate Tracker / UK Postcode Finder / Countdown Timer / Email Tester / Student ICT Database



Please email if you would you like to become involved with the future development of our products, offer thoughts or tell us about your own work.

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